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The videos that feature the Driftstang in particular are great for me! I have a 99 Cobra that I wanted to learn to work on so with a lot of the components that are pretty much the same, this is a dream! I don't have a need to do a lot of this work yet, but with these videos I would have the confidence to do it! Thanks!
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The radio is the culprit in my 2006 Audi S4. But I'm not exactly sure how to fix this? Do I simply replace the entire factory Bose head unit or is there something else I can do? I didn't even have to remove fuses to find this out. It was obvious because one day when I got home from work with the car otherwise driving and performing perfectly fine the radio wouldn't turn itself off even after turning off the car and removing the key from the ignition. I thought I had turned it off by manually pushing in and holding the power button but later found out that this doesn't in fact turn it off. This only turns the screen of the radio off but it still continues to drain my battery. The odd thing is the fact that I was unable to jump start the vehicle. I figured that would work. I then went and bought a new battery and installed it but the vehicle STILL wouldn't start. Even more odd is that with a new battery the horn and power windows still won't work even though every other electrical part of my car seems to be working fine aside from of course the car failing to start. Turning key does nothing.
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